20 April 2005

why bother skirts

One of my questions for people who've been to Peace Corps-Ukraine, especially those currently there, is about clothing. I've been told many things about what to bring, from warm wool socks to washable dark colored business attire. Everyone seems to mention the current trend for the under-30 Ukrainian women (a category I do fall into regarding age/gender, but definitely not the "ukrainian" part), fondly referred to as "why bother?" skirts.

The women are said to wear tall, stiletto boots with skirts that are barely there.

As one current volunteer put it:
"Women here do wear spike heels and tight clothes. Most of the clothes they wear at work would seem inappropriate in most American business places. "

Another female volunteer commented:
"The current look for the under 30 set includes stiletto boots and tight jeans or very short skirts (It is not unusual to see a loooooong bare leg extending out from under a coat. Skirts are short and seeing all that leg peeking out from under a long coat is pretty provocative.) Despite mud, snow, or rough terrain, these young women indulge themselves. They are stunning. Of course such beauty is short-lived."

Those of you who know me should laugh at the prospect of me trying to fit in with the above descriptions. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It's funny for me too.

I've received so much excellent advice about bringing comfortable clothes, and well-made clothes that will stand the tough washes. I plan to attempt to fit in, within reason and within comfort. This may mean not fitting in at all. I'm sure they will not know quite what to make of me. But then again, I'm sure that happens here on a fairly regular basis as well.


Larry said...

Sounds cold.

Karen said...

(he's excited)

FuzzyJefe said...

dang woman! Don't Ukrainian women know its cold over there? I gotta hear the cultural explanation for this one. I wouldn't mind seeing it either;) Larry, can you find any pix on the Internet? I'll stay tuned!