13 April 2005

kris & jr: we're going to ukraine

We've dammed the river up a bit; now we're just trying to absorb. I think that was Karen's plan all along. I just like to jump into things.

A fellow named Jeffrey--an RPCV working on an MA TESOL in Mississippi--told us that people never tell you how hot Ukraine can be. He recommended Tevas. I suppose it's a Peace Corps staple. He also says:

"The best perk of PC is the traveling you are able to do. We did almost everything by train - Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy, Hungary. I don't count Croatia. Though I crossed it twice, I never got off the train. We ran out of time because of a Hungarian train strike. A round-trip flight from Kiev to Istanbul cost me $175.00 in 2000."

Of course, we'll work hard in the Peace Corps--toughest job you'll ever love and all of that--but Ukraine is so centrally located, we'd be expected to travel.


Elsewhere: My cousin never passed on word to my aunt and uncle that we are going Ukraine. I just found that out tonight when I called. She asked me if we knew where we were going yet. I told her I told Justin to pass the news on until I could get back to them. I guess the passing didn't get on. So, I apologize to Kris and Jr. I should have followed up.

Lastly, a MIIS alumna was in Ukraine 11. Must contact her. I'll put that somewhere on the list.

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