06 April 2005

still here

6 April 2005 (later than earlier)

This from our recruiter, Scott Webb...eons ago, it seems.

"What were the best and worst parts of serving with your partner?

Andrea: I honestly can't think of the worst but the best has to be sharing such an amazing experience with someone you love. It is the greatest thing when we see or hear something that reminds us of Niger and we know what each other is thinking and feeling about it without saying a word.

Scott: I agree. It was really great to show people our age that marriage isn’t like settling down or binding yourself – you can have an adventure with your spouse. I felt like we were serving as a positive example."

And one to be followed, I'm sure.

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FuzzyJefe said...

Yo Larry and Karen,

I'm honored to be quoted in your blog. Keep the writing up, you've got a great angle on the pre-trip exprience. Yesterday you had a picture. What happened to it today? Or maybe bc I'm on dialup it didn't load. Oh well. I'll create a link to yours in my blog: braveneword.blogspot.com

Peace (finally!), Jeff