06 April 2005

building trust

5 April 2005

Jeff said that students will lose respect if the teacher doesn’t seem to have everything wrapped up in a little box, ready to learn. They don't like grey.

“How do you reconcile learner-centered teaching with teacher-centered expectations?” I asked.

“Do it their way first. Then you can introduce the grey areas. They have to trust you first.”

Building trust--I anticipate--will be one of the hardest and most important first tasks. Being as young as we are--24 on me and 25 on Karen once we're in country--we'll have to work extra hard to get our colleagues and our students to trust us. To respect us.

We actually got our invitation today. Definitely going to Ukraine.

I’m a 171. Teaching 10-17 year olds. Secondary school style.

Karen’s a 172. Teaching 17-23 years olds. University style.

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