11 April 2005

fish procreate in the stuff

"No Volunteers are placed at any site with higher than normal levels of radiation."


In other news, my grandmother would like this:

"Because of the heavy metal content and possible microbial contamination of most of the water supply in Ukraine, Volunteers are discouraged from drinking tap water. Inexpensive bottled water is readily available in kiosks and stores, and the Peace Corps will provide funds for purchasing it."

My grandmother doesn't drink water from the tap from Fortuna, California. She says, as Karen fondly remembers, that it has "pollywogs" in it. My Uncle has more profane ideas about it--if you've met him, you can guess the bevy of words he'd use. Anyway, if my grandmother heard, or even thought, that I was drinking water out of the tap in Ukraine, she'd straight up die.

So, as I love my grandmother, here's to bottled water!


P.S. We got a new CD from PC regarding Ukraine. So much useful information, I had to put some of it up.

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