24 April 2005

information junkie

Every since I was little, I've been slightly obsessed with possessing some sort of intelligence. Being smart in, you know, something. I guess it was some way for me to maintain control of my life. Some way to better myself. Now that my life is a bit more normal, I still find myself seeking avenues that lead to Smartville. Recently, its been through learning Spanish. Now that I know where I am going in Peace Corps, I naturally want to begin learning that language. Increase the mass of my grey matter.

Of course, in Ukraine, we'd either be learning Ukrainian or Russian. The only way to find out which is to do what Cris said, hammer PC so they tell us where we're going.

Karen and I have talked about that a lot, and we still haven't decided as a couple whether or not we are going to do it. We talked about it and said that we kind of look forward to the surprise and experience of finding out where we'll be when we are in country. The advantages to us in finding out now would be materials development and a language learning headstart. While this would serve us greatly for our posts, we don't know if the benifit is worth the hassle. Plus, if it were a true, post related benifit, PC would tell us because we know that they already know where we are going.

We don't want to go into this whole PC thing as special people. We want to be like everyone else. We know, as we've been told, once we are in training and they find out we are PCMI MA TESOL students, our anonymity will be history.

We want to enjoy it while we can.

After all this waiting to find out where we are going, after how much we hated the waiting, I can't believe we might choose more waiting.


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