05 March 2007

what occupation?

so, yushchenko mentioned that he might like to see an occupation museum open up in ukraine--a museum to talk about the soviet occupation. he had just visted on ein georgia and got the idea.

and then this from the press:

Creation of Museum of Soviet Occupation, the necessity of which was outlined by the President Yushchenko in Tbilisi, will become the final point of division of Ukraine into West and East. Member of Communist party of Ukraine Oleksandr Golub told Friday.
“It will lead to final split of Ukraine,” he said. “It is just another inadequate action of the President.

"What occupation? This is absurd,” Golub added.

first, it's "what famine?"

then, "what racism?"

now it's, "what occupation?"

backwards more than forwards, i tell you.

backwards more than forwards.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Karen and Larry,

I’m an African-American considering a Peace Corps post in Eastern Europe. I don’t yet know a final destination, but either Ukraine or Moldova is likely based on the information I have so far. I would be really interested in asking you a few questions about your experiences/impressions. If you have the time, please email me at praeda@earthlink.net. Thank you.