26 March 2007

lviv 26 march 07

fresh from an unbelievably well executed surprise bday party for casey--a weekend that saw our part of the world's time leap ahead an hour and more guests than we've had since last summer--i step out of my apartment this morning and there's a dead woman.

she laying prostrate on the corner on the park nearest our block. her feet are wrapped in green and white socks. her head is buried in her scarf.

she's not moving. she might be sleeping, passed out from too much of something, but she's not.

after i pass her on my way to exchange some money--you don't stop and help these people; you just can't because it happens way too often--i come back by her body and the ambulance has pulled up. a nurse pops out of the back of the van.

she lays an orange bag onto the pavement near the lady, smooths its wind-curled sides, and rolls the lady onto it.

zips her into it.

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