02 March 2007

ixnay on the inxjay

came to kyiv for medical and dental exams. routine stuff. were looking for an apartment to stay in cuz we didn't want to stay in the same ol' hotel way out in the middle of nowhere. in that quest, we had a very poor service interaction (surprise) with a ukrainian woman who rents hotels in kyiv. but we ended up in an apartment anyway with our friends kris and jen. we were headed, tonight, to see them in poltava and work on a conference; instead, they areflying back to the u.s. they've received some bad news about a family member and are returning home for two weeks for a funeral. we wish them safe travels. we did the same trip a little over a year ago. we understand the pain in going home, but also the joy that mixes in from being able to see home again. very, very bittersweet.

big heat today. up to plus 5 or so. snow is melting--maybe for good this time? the roads are like rivers for all of the run-off. we walked forty minutes in the rain to the detists and forty minutes back. avoiding the metro, for no other reason than just because. so far, so good.

in somewhat exciting news, which isn't confirmed yet, i submitted a piece of my pc writing series that i'm doing for perigee-art.com to worldview magazine--a pc magazine with worldwide distribution. they wrote that they liked my piece, offered edits, and said they were interested in publishing it in the summer. if so, it'll be my first real-deal print magazine publication.

i hope i didn't just jinx that.


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