13 March 2007

a warm fuzzy


two minutes ago i was going to log in and blog it up with a bunch of bitching. some needed venting. but then i got an email.

we worked on a conference in Poltava last weekend. i presented about racial diversity in ukraine. it was fun, but i don't know how much we impacted the students. i've been in a rut like that, feeling kinda useless lately. and then this:

"'I was expecting the Americans to tell us about their culture and makeus believe the same things. Instead, they encouraged us to have adiscussion and find solutions for ourselves. I was really surprised.' -- a graduate student from the Technical University"

a student from the conference wrote that.

i am really truly very happy right now.

i'm going to hold onto that and just move on without bitching about anything.

1 comment:

Dzen said...

beautiful feedback... Kudos to you two as great educators stirring up Ukraine! :)