18 March 2007

A Wedding March

This week in class we've been disucssing "Wedding Traditions" in the U.S. Of course, the students are a bit thrown off my some of my wedding photos (the beach in January without snow, smearing cake on each others' faces, flip-flops on bridesmaids...).

Many have told me that the building where we got married isn't actually a church, because there are no "icons" on the walls like in Ukrainian churches. I try to explain to them that it is a non-denominational (tough concept) chapel, where church groups of different religions hold services. Then I try to explain the idea of a "justice of the peace" rather than priest...another toughie.

We discussed traditional vows, the idea of writing your own vows, tossing the bouquet, the cake-cutting ceremony, gift registry, the toast, and of course the honeymoon.

Most of their ideas are from movies, of course. You don't find out about some of the important details from watching movies. They liked the gift registry concept, but it was a difficult one to grasp. Most Ukrainian stores still don't even give receipts, and there are very few chains. So the concept of scanning items and updating the registry list all over the country was puzzling.

=) Think of all these things you take for granted.

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