04 February 2007

snow in l'viv

the snow's finally hit. not too bad. we're hovering at around 0
celsius, so the snow melts during the day. for the most part. put
then, during the night, the temp drops and all the melted snow turns
to frozen water. let the slip sliding commence!

off to another oblast center this coming weekend for warden training.
happy to be able to see a new city. not happy that i'll probably have
to go overnight to a city that's less than 135 KILOMETERS (prolly)
away. bah.

writing away on my novel, which i haven't mentioned at all up here.
getting a lot of good work done on that. maybe it'll be done by the
time i COS outta here?

school is going okay. i've really parsed down my lesson plans to five
vocabulary words that we can work on in a conversational setting.
seems to be working so far. ss seem on task--those that come.

off to see blood diamonds in a bit with some fellow volunters. it'll
be in ukrainian, which is great.

at least it's not in russian.

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