11 February 2007

hittin' the q

or the k.


that's how they say it in ukrainian. this seems to happen every year, according to the people i talk to. it's already happened in several oblasts, and now it's hit the city of lviv.

the q.


and if you're like me, that word strikes fear into your heart. images of deadly diseases come to mind. being locked up in your house.

but here, it's really just an expected vacation. a few of my students came down with the flu (glad i got my flu shot) and didnt come to school. right around the same time it happened last year.

and the year before.

and then othe students dont come to school because their friends dont have to come to school.

and the eventually no one is coming to school and they call a quarantine because of having too few students. i had, on average, four students in each of my classes last week.

so, on friday we hit the q. we have it for ten days and then we reevaluate the situation. probably wont go longer than ten days, but who knows.

so i've got some extra time to work on some projects i'm in on.

and i've got time to take a day trip to slavske (www.slavsko.com) and check out what this ukrainian skiing thing is all about.


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William said...

Just found your site, look forward to reading more. I'll be headed to Peace Corps [insert African country here] in July. Can't wait to find out where I'm going. Enjoy your 'q'.