04 February 2007

Making up for lost time

It seems the snow is making up for lost time. It's been snowing pretty constantly since Winter finally decided to show its face. The snow's been pretty wet though, and doesn't always stay on the ground for long.

I'm still on a sort of extended vacation since returning from the States. My classes at the College start up on Feb 9th, and I will have a whole new schedule, but hopefully all the same students. They are usually pretty kind to me with my schedule, not giving me too many classes in one day, or having me work so late that I'll be walking home in the dark. Just found out this week that my colleague Yulia teaches nearly twice as many classes as I do. On top of that, she teaches private English lessons from home to supplement her salary. I'd be willing to bet almost all of my colleagues do. They also probably cook and clean a lot more than I do...but that's a whole different entry.

By the way, I've updated the "Photos" link on the right-hand side with some of our photos from the holidays in the US. Check us out!

Hope you are all staying warm and eating lots of finger food for me while watching the big game. Go Chargers! Oh wait...well, I hope it's a good game, anyway.

I heard the groundhog is predicting an early Spring. Tell that to Ukraine, please.


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