08 August 2005

independent since 1981

Reading a new blog Karen pointing me toward, I tripped over these lines:

"I must be like a turtle- and not be afraid to wave my legs wildly if I flip over! This is hard for us independent Americans who would like to feel that we are strong enough to handle things on our own."

I never really thought that the American tendency towards independence--which I most certainly embody in every way I can think of--would be tested in Ukraine. I guess with all the advice, the packing lists, the preparations, and the history, I never really stopped to think about how a key--and well loved--piece of my personality might affect my cross-cultural experience.


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lisa said...

Hi Karen and Larry,

My husband, Russ, and I are going to be PCVs in Tanzania starting in September! We thought we'd be placed somewhere in Eastern Europe because Russ was a Russian major, but we got sent to Africa to teach - which is fine with us! I've added your blog to mine.

Take care,