11 January 2007

doing the countdown again

getting out of the states soon. going back to ukraine. refreshed. ready to finish up my service. shed myself of much of the frustration i felt about ukraine. definitely very happy about living in america, something i thought i wouldn't come to. i was pretty much done with it when i left for ukraine in the first place. now, thankfully, i have a whole new perspective. that's one major thing i am thankful for about my experiences in ukraine. it has helped me appreciate my life here so much more. and it has helped me realize the really important things: friends and family. and has helped me weed out the really unimportant things: stuff and fake people. also, the gains in patience that i have made are worth the price of admission, the price of service.

here are a few pics we took down here in san diego with karen's family and up north with my family. being home has been so rejuvinating. i am so appreciative for all the time people took to be with us. we have such amazing people in our lives, and i hope they all know how wonderful they are. the energy they have given to us will sustain us throughout the last eleven months.

me, uncle jr., justin, greg

karen preparing holubtsi (cabbage rolls)

us in front of the christmas tree

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Jenn said...

Amazing how being a PCV can turn your entire perspective inside-out and upside-down, isn't it? Perhaps that's the whole purpose, I suppose... I know I've never been quite the same!