15 October 2005

Week 2

So we've begun to get a routine, but are still adjusting to our new life.

This morning we woke up around 7 and ate breakfast with our host mother L. We had oats and a Kix-like cereal covered in yogurt. Tasty. We've finally convinced them that we don't need greasy, meaty heaps in the morning. We dressed and met the fellow married couple volunteers (who live across the street) to walk to our language instructor's home together. We stopped at the bazaar to buy some snacks, and I got some peppermint tea.

We spend about 5-6 hrs per day studied language, and it's coming slowly. Larry is nearly putting together correctly-conjugated sentences but I'm still pointing and naming words. It will be a long process, but we're determined. We remind ourselves it's only been a week.

The food continues to be tasty, and our host family so kind. We wash our shoes in the bathroom sink when we get home because they are muddy. I am perpetually asked if I am cold, while Larry is scoffed at if he wears a hat.

More soon. We love hearing from you.



Kliuch said...

Hey, guys, what city are you in?

I hope you're doing fine! :)

If you have any questions - don't hesitate to ask :)


FuzzyJefe said...

Hey Karen and Larry,

I'm glad to see more content on the blog. I know the transition to a new country can trip up your publishing opportunities. The laconic entries were enticing: I wanted to read more. Keep up the blog and check out braveneword when you get to a cheap internet cafe and don't have to pay so much for surf. davaete po-izuchaem ukrainskii-yaziik (let's study ukrainian!)!