23 October 2005

blood in ukraine

They tell us that Ukraine will seem the same, but you'll eventually find the differences. It's like a picture puzzle in the newspaper, sectioned off near the jumble and the crossword puzzle, where you have to find the five differences between the two pictures. Between the US and Ukraine. Yesterday, I began to find the differences.
On the train from I to P, three fisherman boarded. They sat down next to this girl who asked them, I think, to leave. They did not. They were sitting directly across the aisle from me. They began to attack her with questions. Then, eventually, to make a long, long story short, the men started to fight with each other. By the end, the one nearest the window wound up with a bloody nose.
The first difference: no one stood up to break it up; no one really noticed.


Danielle said...

That's an interesting, depressing, and disturbing insight, Larry. thank you. Seriously, it makes a person think...

I hope you and Karen are well and happy nonetheless.

I'll be interested in learning what the other differences are.


Danielle said...

Oh, I forgot, it really makes you think about the differences when you reflect upon your blood in Disneyland vs. blood in Ukraine blog entries. How sad...

FuzzyJefe said...

Hey L&K, I'm getting down with the abbreviations. Haven't figured out what "from I to P" means but I'll figure it out asap. Good to get some daily short blogs. I should try doing that instead of a weekly behemoth.

Glad to hear your cultural insights. Sometimes it is like those juxtaposed pictures with 5 differences. Sometimes its like, "find 5 things that are the same"!

Your friend, Jeff