28 September 2005


I'd take a picture, but a picture doesn't do it any justice. Standing in the kitchen, booting the scale, balancing ourselves on the balls of our feet so we can read the red, digital numbers.

I've got one bag at 46 lbs. Karen's got one at 46 lbs as well.

We're each allowed one more at 50 lbs, but our second bags are small duffels and only weigh 20-25 lbs.

Off to Chicago tomorrow. All the goodbyes almost behind us, though they get no easier--no matter what we say. I've been waiting years to say this:


If I can't get to the blog again for a while, remember 16 October 2005. That's the day you can go to Perigee-art.com and read the first installment of my quarterly on my PC experience.
Save the date!


Adrianna said...

Very.Exciting. (!!!!)

Someday it will be tomorrow for me too.

Best of luck with moving to Eastern Europe!! Sounds pretty, pretty cool!!!


Kliuch said...

Guys, good luck to you! I know it is difficult (myself moved down this route, only in the different direction). Take it easy, at least there's two of you there :)

Anyway, have a nice and safe trip and let know if you need any help - suggestions, answers...