21 September 2005

not relevant, but noteworthy

So we're moving. Dust and boxes and cashish. But that doesn't matter.  Check this out.

Karen's done with the golf course. No more putting up with rich people bs. No more grilling up some cheese sandwiches. No more manufacturing tuna salad--which, I might add, she never made for me. It's over. Done.

But before the end, she received a gift from her work. She won it at a company picnic she never went to. Have I ever mentioned how much she hated that job?

Anyway, what she won was a $50 gift certificate to Sticks, a restaurant at Spanish Bay in Pebble Beach--the same inn we stayed a for our honeymoon. We made a reservation a few weeks ago for tonight, and tonight we went made our grand appearance.

So we sit down at this table in the corner. There's windows on all sides. As we eat--other than watching the Giants trounce the Nationals (this ritzy place had a sports bar theme--just substitute golf and other bs old people sports for real sports)--we can watch the Pacific smash into the Monterey Bay coastline. This scene was the same view we had nine months ago when we woke up, rose petals plastered all over our bodies--in our ginormous suite. I don't like many rich people, or the lives that they lead, but this place was okay with me for one night.

Our waiter comes over, and we hand him our gift certificate. He asks us if we know what the certificate entails. Of course we say no.  So he tells us we get two appetizers, two salads, two entrees, and two desserts. All drinks, except alcohol, are covered too.

Here's the dinner breakdown:

Karen orders mozzarella sticks ; I order calamari. $20 total

I order salad. $7 total

Karen orders a bacon hamburger; I order new york steak. $37 total

Karen orders a sweet ass chocolate chip cookie thing; I order cheesecake. $16 total

I also ordered a glass of Morgan 12 clone Pinot--the very same we celebrated my first place, prize-winning short story with. $9 total

Bill: $9 total (+ the fat tip we left)

Freaking, freaking, freaking sweet.

It was a pretty amazing experience to have as the one last big one we'll have of this area. I'm thankful for it.

Tomorrow, we're out of Monterey for a coupla years.


Karen said...

For the record...I had a bacon CHEESEburger in case anyone was thinking I was on a diet or anything. The day I pass on free cheese...c'mon!

Notice something about our dinner...

Larry ordered: Calamari, Salad, NY Steak, Cheesecake. and a glass of wine.

Karen ordered: Fried cheese, burger, cookie, and a soda pop.

hehe...I'll never fit in to their world, and I surely won't die trying.

Larry said...

I'm not passing on free steak.


Kliuch said...

Hey guys,

I saw you are reading "The Ukrainians: Unexpected Nation" - please share your imressions - it is very interesting what do Americans think of us, Ukrainians :)

What are you going to do in Ukraine? Where are you going to stay? :)

Take care and feel free to write back on my blog!

Kliuch said...

I am pretty sure you're going to have a wonderful time in Ukraine! I really don't know what advice to give you... Just don't worry when you get to see weird stuff - there are lots of weird things all over the world, especially if it's your first time in the place...

I am originally from Lviv - it is a city in the west of Ukraine - a wonderful city, people often say it is a small Paris or a small Vienna (the latter conparison is more true, as for me), you should definitely go there if you have time!

Teaching English is a lot of fun - when i was in high school I had a couple of teachers from the States - it was probably the best time at school ever :)

And don't worry about Ukraine, it is not a wild land :) If you have any other questions - go ahead with them :)

Karen said...

Ooh, my husband is hoping that we get sent to Lviv. I have heard many wonderful things.

We both have some experience teaching English, but doing it in antoher country will be a new adventure.

What do you think of American food vs. Ukrainian food? Also, what is one custom you can warn us about (I heard no shaking hands in a doorway)?

Would it be ok if we link to your blog from ours?


Kliuch said...

Sure you can link to my blog. I don't know what does it mean (i'm new to the blogging thing), but it sounds fine :)

Food - in choosing Ukrainian v. American I'll definitely go for Ukrainian - it is more balanced, light and healthy, all this without any specific dieting or selectiveness in food. You'll be surprised, I think, how good and cheep it is, but beware of fancy restaurants, especially in Kyiv, they are often overpriced! I can suggest some places if you want :)

Custom... hmmm... that's a hard one... Yeah, it is regarded a bad sign when after you have left a place, you realize you'd forgotten to take something and return for it. If you really need to return, look in the mirror :) sounds weird, I know, but I usually do it :)

Let's hope you'll get to Lviv! Even if you don't, you can easily travel there - an overnight train ride or 1-hour flight...