28 June 2005

i'm not even mad this time


I received a letter from dental yesterday saying I was cleared, even though my dentist recommended a filling and a crown. As this was extremely strange, I called OMS (Office of Medical Services) and talked to Danielle (dental asst.). She forwarded me to the dentist, who was a hoot. He flavors his language with a lot of the same words I use!

Long story short: I'm on dental hold again. Gotta get those teeth fixed, which is what I assumed in the very first place.

I'm just glad I called now. I'm glad I'm proactive. I'm glad I didn't procrastinate because:

If I didn't call, I would have got to staging and not been allowed to go to Ukraine.

Because they review dental one final time.

Because they would have seen my dental needs.

Because, as the dentist said today, "How the hell did you get cleared?"

Because they would have made me get the crown.

Because you can't get a crown in three days.

So, off to the dentists in two weeks. And then in five weeks.

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