26 June 2005

11:23 pm

Again, Karen sleeps softly to my left.

Been reading for a few hours on the Peace Corps 2 Yahoo group. I thought we had it bad. Jesus, despite the waiting, we have it good. Just the damn waiting. But, teacher training at DLI plus the other teaching jobs we have will make it go by faster.

We pulled out our date books today and really planned out where we are going to be for the next three months. Lots of family time. Lots of teaching time. A trip to Yosemite too. Probably Disneyland and a trip to see the Padres lose to the Giants before it's all over and we're crying in the airport--men are allowed to cry. We're looking forward to it all.

In the meantime, I'm still here writing crazy stories (in my new one, this girl wears her boyfriend's face as a mask).

I'm still here.

Thinking about my packing situation.

Feeling Ukrainian dirt under my boots.


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legersabroad said...

Hello to another PC couple. We are headed to East Timor in 10 days. We're very excited. Check us out at legersabroad.blogspot.com...and see if you think our PC blog is interesting, too.