14 August 2007


Just got back from Donetsk where we worked at Camp H.E.A.L. We taught about cool topics like Human Trafficking, HIV/AIDS in Ukraine, and Leadership. We played a lot of games, ate S'mores, and even sang around (near) a giant campfire. The students I brought from Lviv had a really good time, and seemed to learn some good information.

Larry with his group in a final team-building activity: the human web.

My students from L'viv created a project to teach seminars at the local Orphanage.

That's me teaching about anti-Human Trafficking.

Now we're finally going to rest for a bit, but next on the agenda is something really exciting: our COS (close of service) Conference. We get together with all the volunteers left from our group (we started with 116, but I think we're down to about 75), learn about what kind of paperwork will be required, but mostly just celebrate that we've made it this far.

We're approaching the 100-day mark!

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