27 July 2007

at the internet cafe

looking up some information i know i won't be able to find.

nearby my monitor is a packet of butter, melting in the heat.

two years ago, that would have been weird.

now, i'm the one who brought the butter in.

karen's camp starts in a few days. stressful but it'll be good.

then we'll be of to donetsk for another camp.

yesterday was one month til our cos conference.

now, i guess, it's less.


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Anonymous said...

Dear Karen and Larry,

I’m an African-American considering a Peace Corps post in Eastern Europe. I don’t yet know a final destination, but either Ukraine or Moldova is likely based on the information I have so far. I would be really interested in asking you a few questions about your experiences/impressions. If you have the time, please email me at praeda@earthlink.net. Thank you.