25 June 2007

my name is larry

haven't been here in a while. been super busy. yeah. that's my story.

finished up school. yay. that's all i'm going to say about that. too many eyes that like to read.

finished up the third draft of my novel. sent it out for comments. hoping to market it when i get home. even if it's not very good. at least i'll have the experience.

what's it about you ask? my good friend told me to say, "it's about the human condition." so there you are. it's about the human condition.

here in kyiv. just finished working with the FLEX kids who are about to go to america to study in american high schools for a year. we worked for four straight days in a sanitorium (you non-ukrs don't actually get that concept...jokes on me) south of kyiv. we taught all day and held activities for the kids at night. i taught ukrainian kids how to play washers! i also played concerts at night for the group of 60. i wrote a song for them and they freakin' loved it. i can't even tell you how much they screamed and clapped. it felt so amazing.

working for FLEX was the most amazing thing i've done in ukraine. working with those AMAZING kids has rejuvenated me. ukraine tends to drag you down cuz you end up dealing with 90 percent of people you don't ever want to deal with and 10 percent (those are not exageratted numbers) during your day. but these kids man...they're something special. it makes me all teary and warm and disney channel movie-ish.a girl came up after my little concert last night--and before my bedtime song i wrote--to sing us a song. it was the most beautiful song i've ever heard in my life. she played guitar and sang her heart out. it really brought tears on in me--and a lot of the people. the applause was incredible. i followed up with my song and the room was just vibrating with energy.

i loved it.

and the best part?

i get another four days with a nother group of kids in two days.thank you god for sending me to ukraine, if only for these eight blissful days.

at the end of the very last session, we did an activity where we wrote comments about each other by passing slips of paper around in a circle so that everyone could write something about everyone. i want to write you what was written to me. i'm crying as i type this because, i think, i haven't really gotten any heartfelt, positive feedback in 23 months of being here and it feels really, really good.god bless these kids.

here's my card:


he's funny and serious.

you are a great person. and this is not all the truth.

very interesting person. he must be a very good friend.

larry, you rock!

you are a very funny man and clever.

larry, your songs are really cool!

i like you!

i love working with you!

great teacher. funny!

the best teacher in the world.

the coolest teacher which i ever had

i won't forget you! you're a great person

the coolest teacher at PDO

the best teacher in the whole world

you're a raelly super person

you're great!

you're the coolest teacher!

you're really cool...but sometimes strict



ukraine's got a great future if these kids get the power.


Dzen said...

Thanks for the inspiring and sentimental words, Larry. Those kids are as lucky to have you in their midst as you were to be there. Cool. You do rock!

Robert Woerheide said...

This was wonderful to read. You've done good work in Ukraine and I'm so glad you've gotten some emotional justification for all the work you've put in.

Good luck on the novel too. If Perigee can do anything to help, let me know!