09 May 2007

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Prosecutors want bank robber to get second chance
Oakland County officials will ask public to help man find a job

Prosecutors on Tuesday will ask an Oakland County judge to sentence a convicted bank robber to time served and then will ask for the public's help in finding the man a job.

Larry Lawson, who has been convicted of robbing a LaSalle Bank branch in Troy in July 2006, fainted as he exited the bank. An out-of-work automotive design engineer, Lawson told investigators he wanted to be arrested so he could get food and shelter in jail. Lawson was allowed to plead guilty to one count of bank robbery, which would make him eligible for parole. He's been in jail for the past nine months, unable to post bond.

“Mr. Lawson is an atypical defendant in that he did not rob the bank to feed a drug habit, nor is he a dangerous or habitual felon,” said Oakland County Prosecutor David Gorcyca in a statement. “The criminal justice system is not a place for Mr. Lawson; he merely was caught up in Michigan's devastating economic climate. I would like to turn a negative situation into a success story.”

Prosecutors and Lawson's attorney Todd Kaluzny will hold a press conference Tuesday morning to discuss the rationale for the plea deal. They'll also ask for the public's help in finding Lawson a job.

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