09 May 2006

L-town week one


We have arrived safely.


We finally have an apartment.


We have to move again in a month (into our 6th domocile in the goold ol' Ukr).

Okay, now that that is taken care of, welcome to L-town. It's a big city in the west if you don't already know the name. Pretty much tourist central right now. Watched a huge concert in the city center yesterday. One of my favorite Ukrainian bands, Друга Ріка (Second River, I guess), was playing, along with a few other decent bands. The city put up a stage right in front of the historic Opera house, creating a real interesting contrast between old and new, between were we came from and where we are now. the center was filled with 15 year olds, just packed. Most of them drinking--those kind of laws aren't really enforced here. No problems of note, however.
Some friends from the surrounding area acme in to join us. It's nice to be in a place now where we can talk to some of our friends and realize that the shit we went through is some of the same shit everyone else is going through. Or went through. We were so isolated in S-town.
I'm working at a school of international relations. The English spoken there is really good, so I feel like I'm going to be a able to do a lot of good work in getting the kids to a higher level. 
Oh, friends just came in. Gotta jet.


Kliuch said...

Hey guys, I used to have a Kliuch blogspot... You may remember me...

Anyway, I just figured that you're in Lviv, my hometown, and many many friends of mine went or still go the Int'l relations school.

If you need any hints on where to go or what to do, I'll be happy to help.

I'm finishing my stay in Pittsburgh and coming to Lviv on June 6, might just run into you in the streets :)

Karen said...

Thanks for writing, I do remember you from before we left for ukraine. What a coincidence that we ended up in your hometown.

I hope you are enjoying your final days in Pittsburgh, and I imagine you're looking forward to coming home.

We'd welcome your hints on fun places to go, things to see, etc. We've done the major ones (High Castle, Ploshcha Rinok, Lychaikivsky).