14 January 2006

Old/New Year

A few of our previous posts didn't go through, so we'll have to get you up to speed.

We are getting settled in our permanent town. It's smaller than where we lived during training, but grows on me more each day. We've made friends with some of the shop ladies and the woman at the bank who understands when we try to explain our transactions. People have been welcoming and patient.

An interesting note on people's obsession with feeding us here...they adopt the "do as I say, not as I do" policy. They continuously say "eat, eat," "it's necessary to try everything," "you haven't eaten anything," and we are chowing down Thanksgiving-style, while others are sitting there with maybe a few bites of salad or potatoes on their plate. No fair! Some people don't seem to realize that when I'm hungry...I eat. And when I'm full, I usually stop. We've also discovered it's not good to call them out on the fact that THEY'RE not eating anything. That would be too logical. ;)

We've been overwhelmed with your mail. Christmas cards, postcards, etc. Thank you so much! If you don't have our new address, check your email, or let us know and we'll send it again.

No reliable access to internet yet in town. So this will be sporadic, at best.

Happy New Year! (it's old new year here now...long history, different calendars...)

We'll try to get some photos out to you soon.


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