08 November 2005

site announcement

We are assigned to a city in the Rivnenska Oblast.

Near Belarus.

The city started life as a train station.

I'll be teaching at two sites, a Lyceum or Economics and Law and a Collegium. I'll be teaching English, Business English, and US History (if nothing changes, which is impossible). Karen will be teaching at a pedagogical college.

We leave for our site visit tomorrow.


FuzzyJefe said...

Hey Larry and Karen,

You can take a day trip to Minsk and give a "Wassup" to Lukashenko! Good to know about your site placement. The email that just came, I suppose that means that you have Internet there. Good. It also sounds like you're in the neighborhood of Chernobyl. Perhaps I'll hear about your community's experience with that in another blog. Your friend, Fuzz

Kliuch said...

A bit off topic, but - Happy Thanksgiving!