17 May 2005

a preview

this morning was a preview into what it will be like to say some pretty serious goodbyes. some "see you in a little over 2 years," rather than "see you soon."

saying goodbye to dave and mary was much harder than i expected. i suppose it's never easy, but it's just downright sad to think we won't see these incredible friends for quite some time.

of course it's reassuring knowing that we will see them again. perhaps sooner than we know, somewhere in eastern europe or south asia, mid-adventure.

until then we will go about our respective business, our own separate adventures, until the lines connecting the dots cross. perhaps we will all end up right back where we started, playing doubles, drinking margaritas and singing karaoke on the peninsula. until then i'm thankful for the memories and looking forward to the stories we will be sharing next time we get together.

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